Workplace wellness

When Google opened up in the 90s it took a unique approach to employee satisfaction. In an age of monotonous workdays, they added a workplace wellness program.

Their philosophy was that to get the best talent, they had to make their office a place people wanted to work. Exercising brought employees together, improved morale, and made them more productive.


Fitness today is a vital component of daily life and at HGS we focus on providing you with a completely bespoke facility design and online coaching service so you and your colleagues can work within your workspace or on the road to reap the many benefits this investment can encourage


Happy workforce
Healthy living doesn’t just make you look good, but nourishes the way you feel as well.

More productive
workplace wellness activities, like exercise and eating well, increases employee productivity and performance. Your brain will be better focused on tasks, and you’ll feel more energized and motivated to accomplish work.

Builds Community
Group activities that involve health and fitness will get you connected not only more to your company, but to your fellow employees as well.

Less Stress
When we are stressed, we are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors and compromise our mental health. Activities that encourage mindfulness, social engagement, and feeling part of a team can all help an employee feel relieved of daily built up stress.

We’ve recently worked with WIZU Workspace on their latest site in Sheffield to design and operate a state of the art boutique fitness suite on the ground floor to ensure their members achieve peak performance in their business and with their health and well-being.


Whether you are interested in a boutique offering that can serve as an additional revenue stream or an inhouse gym that can reignite the energy of your staff and the building, we can design the space for you and your requirements, so that you can emulate Google’s success and establish workplace wellness programs of your own.

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