Is technology key to unlocking your winter training for summer success?

Is technology key to unlocking your winter training for summer success?

Building and maintaining your cardiovascular fitness throughout the winter months can be an arduous and appreciably tough exercise but if you stay motivated you’re sure to come out the other side much stronger and fitter.

It’s easy to lose motivation when the days get shorter, darker and colder but, if you want to maintain your fitness and weight during the winter months, it’s important that you keep the momentum going.

So what’s the answer? - Bring your workout home

Taking your fitness inside really is key and with Technology bringing together the digital and physical worlds in such thrilling ways you really have so much choice at your finger tips, not only that, you’ll get the freedom of training whenever you like and save the commute time to the gym.

Love cycling? Then invest in a decent smart trainer

Smart trainers have changed the way cyclists see indoor training and made it much more entertaining with third-party apps such as ZWIFT providing virtual environments to compete and ride against cyclists from all around the world.

The single biggest benefit of using an indoor trainer is time efficiency. We all struggle to make time to train, especially when it comes to juggling work and family obligations. An indoor session allows you to fit more quality work into a shorter time frame, allowing you to maximise and tailor your workouts around your schedule.

(Image credit: Zwift)

More of an exercise class enthusiast than budding athlete?

Then Technogym bike will be a good choice here. By introducing both live and ondemand spin classes from some of the best spin studios around the world, Technogym bike will deep dive you straight into the experience.

(image credit: Technogym)

Enjoy running? – Then a treadmill is a must

Similar to the indoor bike, you can save time by blasting out hill or speed interval work with 100% accuracy and technology in some models, now enables you to sync up to your favourite apps like ZWIFT run, the app that literally turns your indoor training into a game.

Maybe you prefer elliptical trainers, powermills, or arc trainers!

Well fear not because Lifefitness have just released their ondemand option too offering a library of instructor-led workouts for all their cardio machines that have an SE3 HD console for free. These workouts are for all abilities and range from 10-40 minutes in duration giving the consumer a host of flexibility.


Although we have seen a huge surge in Connected fitness with peloton really leading the way for other more established companies to enter the marketplace. It doesn’t start and stop with cardiovascular fitness.

Tonal have concentrated on strength training by releasing a machine that uses digital resistance (magnets and electricity) to reinvent the home gym.

By eliminating traditional metal weights Tonal can deliver 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flatscreen!

Like fightcamp, this is only available in the US but this compact and aesthetic cable machine has certainly caught our attention for home training and hotel room fitness where space can be of a premium.

At home training doesn’t just have to be a winter activity!

An interesting stat that has been released is that 85% of club members now also exercise at home.

Wearable technology like MYZONE make this transition seamless as their Monitors will record your activity anywhere. So whether you’re training in your gym with their real-time displays or at home using your phone, every workout will be tracked and measured.

Boutique studios such as have taken this one step further by creating a digital platform which virtually expands the four walls of their incredible fitness facility and enables members to exercise when and where they want. By offering professional fitness and nutritional coaching direct to their members phones.

It essentially provides a 360 – degree fitness solution that seamlessly blends physical (in-person) and the digital for a more complete wellness solution package.


If you are thinking of moving your training home and are looking for some project solutions then please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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