Turn your Garage into a home gym

When you clear the mess and get everything else neatly tucked away in storage boxes and shelving you may discover you have substantially more space than you need?

So if you’re not planning to use it to house the car, (let's face it who does?) then maybe your garage could be used for a gym space!

Having a gym at home is perfect if you have ever tried to skip a trip to the local gym because ‘it’s raining’ or you want to avoid the rush hour traffic.

Described below, are a few things to consider when turning you standard garage into your very own home gym:

Obviously, the type of workout you do and fitness you want to obtain will dictate to the type of equipment you wish to purchase. The size of your garage will also play a huge part too, if you’re lucky enough to have a two-car garage then you have the perfect space to create an amazing gym at home for you and up to 4 people to train at once. Great for motivation!

home gym

To create a functional gym space in your garage, you'll need to consider the following:

1. Gym equipment.How many pieces of equipment can you fit in and which ones make the most sense in terms of

What you will actually use?

Where will they be placed?

does it need to be bolted to the wall and/or floor?

Will the garage still have to house some items such as a freezer, lawnmower or ladders?

These are all important things to consider before you buy your gym equipment. You should get your gym professionally designed to make sure there is enough room to move around. The equipment is the last thing to go into the room, so don’t have it delivered to your garage before you've created the space, and done all the necessary preparations.

2. Socket locations.Do you need to add more electrical outlets to accommodate TV, sound system, treadmills, cross trainers and other items that need power?

Would the garage gym benefit from some free standing lighting?

Get electrical work done first, having decided on your plan/layout, so you know where the outlets need to be.

3. Paint.As garages are normally dark and cold places, use white or a warm coloured paint to brighten up the space, use pictures or wall murals to create a motivational environment.

4. Choose the correct flooring. There are many types of floor coverings you can install. One of the most effective (and greenest) methods is to install a recycled rubber floor - just like health clubs do.

Rubber flooring looks great as well as being good at insulating, absorbing sound and easy to clean. What’s more it’s suitable for parking your car on so if you ever want to sell your house and need to revert your garage gym back to a ‘normal’ garage then this floor will still do the trick. Alternatively you can lose lay the flooring and take it with you.

5. Hang mirrors.You might think that a garage gym with no windows is going to be depressing, but mirrors will compensate for a lack of windows by making the room appear larger. It will also reflect the light if you chose to train with the garage door open and  will help with your workouts in terms of performing exercises with the correct form/technique.

6. Consider entertainment needs.Where is the TV going and how big will it be? Consider a smart T.V so you can use online training apps such as BODYFITto help keep you on track.

What kind of music system can you set up? Maybe you have an iPod docking station or a stereo you can use to save space.

7. Heating and ventilation. Garages can be very cold, especially during winter months, which can put you off training. Remember you want your home gym to be as inviting and motivating as possible. Therefore, make sure you have heating installed, even wall mounted electric heaters will do the job and of course ensure you have good ventilation for summer months.

8.Set up your equipment.The last thing remaining is to get your exercise equipment delivered, put it together if necessary, and arrange everything in the space according to your plan. By the time you’re finished doing that you probably won’t need a workout today – so just sit back and admire your new garage gym. 

Of course Home Gym Solutions can do all or some of the above. Get in touch for a FREE consultation NOW.

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