Minimalist design

This very stylish house was decorated with a minimalist design pallet throughout and although the clients wanted a fully functional gym, it was also very much a requirement to resemble a typical gym in as few ways as physically possible!

The restricted head height and underfloor heating meant we had to install a customised rack, with reduced frame and bespoke wall mounted supports.

Taking this a step further we covered the wall brackets so that the frame appeared to be almost unsupported!

For Aesthetics, and practicality we also wall mounted all bars and attachments, creating a very compact yet functional strength zone.

Sticking with stylish aesthetics we went for a low-level storage rack to store the competition pro KB’s and Octagon DB’s, and the beautifully designed Ammo box for the smaller training items, including MMA boxing gloves, power bands, and trigger point therapy tools.

For Cardio we went for a ceiling mounted full-length Thai boxing bag which is perfect for workouts in Muay Thai and MMA styles incorporating punches, elbows, kicks and knees, it performs brilliantly for developing endurance, rotational power and overall conditioning.

Finally, the lifefitness IC8. One of our favourite indoor bikes! We love next generation looks, the market’s most accurate (+/-1%) direct WattRate® Power meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance and patent-pending Coach By Colour® training console.

We connected it to Zwift via the 55” TV display for an all immersive training experience.

This is a truly stunning gym that will provide a wonderful training environment for years to come.

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