We can create a bespoke design for any shaped room!

This tight unconventional space served for a bit of clever design work.

Cardio was the main requirement for this fitness couple with strength work being provided by the wonderfully versatile and stunning G7 cable machine from lifefitness.
Lifesfitness and concept 2 supplied the upright bike and rowing machine and for the Treadmill they went for the T5 treadmill with it’s choice of three running surface firmness selections to simulate different running terrains. We love lifefitness treads with their FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System as it reduces knee and joint stress and features durable LifeSpringTM shock absorbers that ensure years of comfortable runs

We utilised physical company for the boxing department with gloves, bag and space saving folding wall bracket. Physical company also supplied the adaptive flooring which was easily cut to fit this very acqward shaped room

This is a practical and inviting gym, that will provide a great training environment for many years.

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