Become superhero Fit at home!

To be considered FIT in today’s society, you have to become a bit of a superhero.

You need to be able to Jump, Lift, Run, Row, Climb, and Flex.

Growing up, I loved BATMAN the genius billionaire, trained by ninjas, who was strong, agile and fast. Elements of fitness that we can train and develop to the point that, for a brief moment, we can feel super, too.

Recent fitness trends has changed the way we now Train. Long gone are the gyms full of machines and a member base with their eye on being the next Mr Olympia!

Gyms are using more of their floorplate for functional fitness zones and group training areas instead of having a mix of cardio machines as far as the eyes can see!

Nowadays, we’re doing more and Fitness is so much more than a weights room, we’re doing everything. Strength training, Yoga, Trail runs, Boxing, Spin - and that’s a good thing. This variety is making us more rounded fitness machines, superhero-like, even.

Our home gym set up has therefore changed too. Gone are the days of ordering a bike from Argos to keep your clothes off the floor! Home gyms are becoming an epicentre to build superhuman bodies. Spaces that enable us to develop all elements of Fitness, such as strength, speed, power, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity

You’ll get your cardiovascular training and fat burning on treadmills, bikes, skiergs, you’ll build strength and power whilst lifting weights, encourage conditioning whilst performing more functional training skills and develop your flexibility and mobility through yoga practice.

home gyms

Designated space in your home, garage or garden room can be utilised to create an extraordinary home gym. By working with experienced professionals at Home Gym Solutions, who understand your training needs and the equipment on the market best suited for your needs. You can create a training environment built to develop a body of TOTAL FITNESS.

Creating your training program… and sticking to it!

Once your new home gym equipment is delivered and installed, it’s time to get down to business. Many companies will leave you to it and so after making a significant investment it’s down to you and good old youtube to get you in shape.

There’s another way…

Home Gym Solutions will not only give you a full induction of your new kit but also offer you a months subscription to their online coaching platform where you will have your own dedicated personal trainer to help motivate, inspire and help you make the most from your incredible new training space.

So what’s next?
Well, if you’re interested in creating your own home gym design in partnership with Home Gym Solutions you can contact us today for a completely free consultation.

We can help with floor planning, equipment selection and all the logistical planning required to deliver your bespoke project.

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